Friday, May 1, 2015

Wedding Cake

The real reason that I've been procrastinating is that I got married on August 16, 2014.

Cutting the cake (photo courtesy of Rose Tosti)

Photo by Michael Curtis Photography (

Spanish things...

It has been a while, but rest assured, I am still eating things! These are some from when I walked the Camino in Spain, August-September 2013. If you're wondering why I looked so tired in these pictures, it's because I walked 20 miles a day for 10 days straight. Food took priority over showering.

Spanish Tortilla, which is basically an omlette
Yum! Tripe soup...

With cow tongue for the main course!
A typicaly Camino dish. Fried pork on a bed of potato chips.

Pulpo, or octopus
Aquarius, the Spanish equivalent of gatorade and basically the solution to all your problems.

Baby Helen Eating Things

It seems I've been eating things for a while!

"Solid" food

Thursday, November 7, 2013

You guys, I found magic!

I went to Spain, and I found magic. CHOCOLATE CHURROS. How could I have not known this was a thing?  I obviously was spending too much time researching the pilgrimage I was on, instead of worrying about how I was going to get enough chocolate along the way. They give you AN ENTIRE CUP OF CHOCOLATE to go with your pile of churros.

Yeah, I was rocking the sweaty peregrino look the entire time. But that's okay, because these chocolate churros made the start of my Camino pretty bueno.  The most bueno thing of all was that this cup of chocolate came from a bar with chocolate on tap and a bartender with an awesome mustache. Yes, por favor.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Birthday Things!!

Even before I could walk, I was infamous for climbing over furniture to get cake.

And growing up, I came to other people's birthday parties just for the cake.

Now that I'm an adult (sorta), it is slightly less likely that I'll climb over furniture to get to cake.  However, my true friends know better than to test my self-control by putting a china cabinet between me and cake.

One perk of being an adult is the ability to make special requests.  A few weeks ago, I randomly requested s'mores scones from my roommate.  Last night at midnight I came out of my room to find my roommate's chef doing this: 

Yeah, that's a blow torch.  Then, my roommate handed me this:

And I ate it, even though I had already brushed my teeth.  It was worth having to brush my teeth again.

Yay! Birthday Breakfast!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Great Balls of Fire!

A while back, my mom saw this video, and got it into her head that we should do this on our vacation this year:

I said, "No," because I am weak.  But we did go to Salvador Molly's in Portland and order the smaller, three fritter sized portion of the habanero fritters with that death sauce so that she, Dad, and I could try it.

Note the poorly hidden look of fear in my eyes in the picture above.

I only ate one, but I needed an entire pack of Rolaids after that.  And then Dad ate one...

And Mom...

I have to confess, I spent most of the weekend with my parents convinced that I was adopted.  After seeing these pictures, I'm not so sure.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013